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March 14, 2017

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Bloomberg (3/14)

Westinghouse has been at the center of Toshiba’s most recent problems amid cost overruns on nuclear projects and related litigation. While the company was due to report final figures on Tuesday, it said it needed more time to examine reports of 'inappropriate pressure' internally to push through the acquisition of a U.S. construction firm specializing in building atomic plants.


Bloomberg (3/14)

“'We are conducting a thorough review of the optimal corporate structure, including the possibility of creating a holding company,' Samsung said Tuesday in an email. 'The process is expected to take a certain period of time and we will provide an update when available.'

MediaPost (3/13)

The changes are expected to take place in April. As a result of two major data hacks on Yahoo users, the companies agreed to reduce the final price tag on the sale by $350 million to around $4.48 billion, down from the original $4.83 billion price tag.

Bloomberg (3/13)

Interest has been limited so far as Citrix’s large market valuation means buyout firms would have to team up to fund a bid, complicating any possible deal, the people said. An increase in the company’s market value over the past year is also making it difficult for private equity firms to offer a premium for Citrix, they said.


VentureBeat (3/13)

The company will launch Data Science Workbench software that helps data scientists and data engineers work together and integrates with Python, R, H2O, and other tools, two sources familiar with the matter told VentureBeat.




AdvertisingAge (3/14)

Driven by gains in technology, reporting and data verification, ABM has surged into the mainstream. According to SiriusDecisions research, 87% of B2B companies say ABM has become extremely or very important to their overall marketing efforts. Suddenly, a practice traditionally used by sales is driving the marketing plan.”



Computerworld (3/14)

LTE carries about 67 percent of all mobile traffic now, ABI says. By 2022, two years after 5G is expected to become commercially available, it will have an even bigger share, at 82 percent, ABI analyst Nick Marshall said in a press release about the report. Only about 13 percent of traffic will be on 5G.

Computerworld (3/13)

While a relatively small company of 600 employees, Mobileye is a giant in the nascent  but fast-growing forward-looking driver assistance camera field, where it owns about 70% to 80% of the market, according to IHS Automotive.

Adweek (3/13)

In a post on Facebook, the social network’s deputy chief privacy officer Rob Sherman cited organizations such as the ACLU, Color of Change and the Center for Media Justice for helping the company better understand the need for changes to its privacy policies. He said Facebook has already taken action against developers wrongfully using its data for surveillance purposes.

MediaPost (3/13)

In her new role at Merkle, Kuehn will be responsible for the agency’s media portfolio across, search, display, social and other “performance media, as well as overseeing communications strategy for clients.




CNBC (3/14)

More than half (55 percent) of the 255 marketers surveyed online listed Brexit as their main worry for this year, with 47 percent saying a recession is a concern, according to 'The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Marketers in 2017' report by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.



The Drum (3/13)

The survey revealed that 80% of respondents were most scared of being hacked by a stranger, losing control of their data and devices. Six in ten of the respondents admitted concerns around advertiser tracking – a practice aided by cookies and their much-loathed successor the super cookie."




Demand Gen Report (3/9)

IDG announced it has launched Pipeline Activator, a predictive intelligence engine, which the company said will be available to customers through its account-based marketing suite. The service is designed to enable sales teams to engage with target accounts earlier in the sales cycle and accelerate revenue opportunity.




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