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March 15, 2017

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Bloomberg (3/14)

The Department of Justice is accusing four people of participating in massive online security breaches that compromised hundreds of millions of user accounts.The hacks came to light last year and threatened to derail the sale of Yahoo’s web operations to Verizon Communications Inc.
Microsoft Ratchets Up Group Chat Competition with Teams Launch

Network World (3/14)

The launch leverages one of Microsoft’s key advantages in the group chat market: the company is able to offer Teams as part of Office 365 for no extra charge, while several of its competitors require an additional subscription.


CIO (3/14)

Under the new scheme, a customer could pay for a c4.8xlarge Regional Reserved Instance, and use that payment to run one c4.4xlarge and two c4.2xlarge virtual machines in one region instead of one massive VM. That’s a change from the past, when Amazon’s standard Reserved Instances locked customers into a particular virtual machine type.

MarTech Advisor (3/14)

IBM Connections 6.0 has been revamped to feature content which is most useful for the user’s network. This feature called Orient Me leverages an API-driven architecture and brings the most relevant information which an audience can engage with, hence providing an interactive experience.

Bloomberg (3/14)

The stock dropped as much as 8.1 percent to 198.5 yen on Wednesday. The Tokyo-based conglomerate said Tuesday that it’s reevaluating Westinghouse’s position within the group and it may deconsolidate the nuclear unit by selling a controlling equity stake.





The Drum (3/15)

While automating can help repeat experiences, leading to better customer traction, automation seems to be creeping onto marketing functions, such as artificial intelligence and chatbots.



Adweek (3/15)

There was a ton of talk at this year’s South by Southwest about digital transformation and customer experience, the buzz terms of 2017 so far in the marketing industry. Yet, SXSW speakers’ underlying message was fairly simple: Every brand has to to move faster while maintaining strategies.

Digiday (3/15)

Although the IAB recommends that marketers use a campaign benchmark of 70 percent viewable impressions, some advertisers insist on aiming for 100 percent viewability. They mistakenly believe that if a viewer can see an ad, the ad is successful. But while 100 percent viewability may seem like a good goal, it doesn’t fully represent how engaged an audience is.

Marketing Land (3/14)

What’s more important to marketers: Knowing what their audience is talking about or knowing what their audience thinks about what they’re talking about? The short answer is both. The useful answer is a little more complicated.

Computerworld (3/14)

After Edward Snowden revealed that online communications were being collected en masse by some of the world's most powerful intelligence agencies, security experts called for encryption of the entire web. Four years later, it looks like we've passed the tipping point.




The Drum (3/15)

The numbers come from a report commissioned by WPP-backed agency The&Partnership and its independent creative arm m/Six. The research was conducted by fraud detection firm Adloox and found that over the course of the past year the real cost of bot fraud could have been as high as $12.48bn – almost 20% of the $66bn spent on digital advertising globally.



eMarketer (3/15)

In a January 2017 poll by CIM of its members, 70% of respondents were concerned about factors largely outside of their control—developments such as data breaches, tax scandals and workers’ rights problems—affecting their brand. Nearly all of those polled (95%) thought marketers needed to have more influence and involvement with the broader business in order to protect brand reputation.

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