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March 21, 2017

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The Drum (3/20)

The tie-up will see both partners create a shared data format allowing integration of Adobe’s marketing software, henceforth to be known as the Experience Cloud, with Microsoft’s own Dynamics sales software to create a seamless system spanning the two.


The Drum (3/21)

To staunch the flow Google understands that saying sorry is not enough and is now promising increased transparency for advertisers, a hiring spree to bolster its own internal resources and improved AI to help it monitor content uploaded to YouTube.

Venture Beat (3/20)

A cold storage service with “pay as you use” pricing, called IBM Cloud Object Storage Flex, will become available in the second quarter of this year, IBM said in a statementThe thing is, these services are becoming available nearly five years after the biggest public cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), introduced a cold storage service.

Network World (3/20)

A vulnerability in Cisco’s widely deployed IOS software that was disclosed in the recent WikiLeaks dump of CIA exploits has triggered the company to release a critical warning for its Catalyst networking customers.


CIO (3/20)

The S8 will come with a subset of preinstalled apps that are Bixby-enabled, according to Injong Rhee, executive vice president of software and services for Samsung Electronics. Over time, this set of apps will expand; Samsung will release a software toolkit to allow third-party developers to Bixby enable their apps and services.

Bloomberg (3/20)

WeWork, which rents out desks and offices to small businesses, freelancers and other people seeking temporary working space, sold the shares at a higher price than in its previous round, which valued it at about $16 billion a year ago. The new investment was disclosed in a securities filing.





The Drum (3/20)

Sitting on stage with Google’s European boss Matt Brittin at Advertising Week Europe, Unilever's chief marketing officer Keith Weed acknowledged that ad misplacement was a pertinent topic but implied advertisers should stand back and look at the bigger picture.



Computerworld (3/20)

ARM isn't known for superfast chips; it is instead mainly associated with power-efficient chips that give long battery life to devices. That focus has helped the company succeed in mobile devices, an area where Intel's power hungry chips failed.

Search Engine Land (3/20)

“With billions of paid search ads delivered each day, it's imperative to create appealing ad creative customized for the user and context. Luckily, AdWords is designed for just this purpose. Columnist and Googler Matt Lawson explains the simple steps to search creative excellence.

Digiday (3/20)

Although header bidding has been heralded for its ability to increase revenue for publishers, an overlooked downside is that it can expose user data by allowing all bidders to access audience data.”




The Drum (3/20)

The majority of leading US public (92%) and private (76%) company CEOs, as well as the top CEOs in Silicon Valley (86%) have enhanced their companies profile through online sociability - engaging with customers or thought leaders. In doing so, they have raised their visibility through social media channels with open dialogue and engagement.


Computerworld (3/20)

Wearable devices that double as clothing or get worn on the ear will grow the fastest of all wearables in the next five years, market research firm IDC said Monday. Earworn devices, sometimes called "hearables," will grow by 43% every year over that period, IDC said. They started from a small base: just 700,000 devices shipped in 2016.

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