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March 24, 2017

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VentureBeat (3/24)

Investors had expected the global leader in smartphones and memory chips to adopt a holding company structure, as the founding Lee family tries to solidify its control of the Samsung Group flagship. But Chief Executive Kwon Oh-hyun told the annual shareholder meeting this was unlikely at present.


The Drum (3/24)

The group reporting to Kumar will now be responsible for all data-driven solutions and analytics infrastructure within Mediabrands to support the IPG network. Kumar will report to Philippe Krakowsky, chairman of IPG Mediabrands and chief strategy officer of IPG.

Computerworld (3/24)

The move by Twitter comes in the wake of its almost flat revenue growth and a lackluster increase in the number of its users in the fourth quarter in comparison to the company's social networking peers like Facebook.

Bloomberg (3/23)

The European Commission is wary of ordering any remedy that could quickly become irrelevant in the fast-changing technology sector, so it’s looking for ways to fix the situation without imposing rigid prescriptions of what Google should do, said the people.

Computerworld (3/23)

A group calling itself the Turkish Crime Family claims to have login credentials for more than 750 million, and email addresses, and the group says more than 250 million of those credentials provide access to iCloud accounts that don't have two-factor authentication turned on.





Digiday (3/24)

Amid all this noise, Verizon and AT&T announced Wednesday they would halt non-search ad spending because of brand safety concerns. The two are out to try and create a 'third force' of marketing power against Google and Facebook.



AdvertisingAge (3/23)

Blaming the big players for everything is clearly not the answer. Mr. Nicklin suggested that Google and Facebook are just "the tip of the iceberg," while Anthony Katsur, president of Sonobi, a direct audience platform that works with media companies and not through exchanges, said the issue is about the whole ad tech industry."

CIO (3/23)

The ungraceful death of the consumer version of Google Glass in 2015 may have had some grieving the early death of augmented reality. But the technology is being resurrected by companies on the manufacturing floor.

Digiday (3/23)

An analysis from mobile ad tech company Kargo found that agencies request its pop-ups and interstitials about 40 percent more often when they’re buying on viewability compared to a CPM basis. These formats are attractive because they tend to be scored as 100 percent viewable, even though Kargo’s eye-tracking studies show that user attention is focused toward finding a way to close the ad.

Search Engine Land (3/22)

Given the competitive nature of the digital ecosystem, no organization can afford unchecked issues that will hurt their ability to engage their audience. Avoiding such problems comes down to a thorough site and content audit, allowing brands to correct issues and errors before they hurt site growth.”



eMarketer (3/23)

Bloglovin surveyed 100 US marketing professionals from brands and agencies in February 2017 to find out how they are doing that. More than seven in 10 respondents said they repurpose influencer content on their own social channels after campaigns, and nearly half said they do so on their owned and operated sites.



eMarketer (3/23)

Most marketers rely on either marketing mix models or a form of attribution modeling to measure how effectively their marketing efforts are driving sales. There are pros and cons to both approaches, especially as both continue to mature, but marketing mix models take some elements into account that attribution models often do not.

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