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March 28, 2017

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Bloomberg (3/28)

The deal marks Amazon’s first major push into a region where e-commerce is less developed than in the U.S., Europe and parts of Asia., founded in 2005, sells online to customers in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, attracting around 23 million online visits per month, according to its website.

Bloomberg (3/27)

Samsung has collected 97% of its Note 7 smartphones and issued a software code that blocks any device in circulation from being recharged at all. In the Korean version of its statement, Samsung said refurbished phones can be sold while the English one said the devices will be 'considered to be used as refurbished phones or rental phones where applicable.'”

Computerworld (3/27)

Shenzhen Baili had claimed that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus bore striking similarities to the products from its parent company, Digione. But on Friday, Beijing’s intellectual property court disagreed and ruled in favor of Apple.

MediaPost (3/27)

The advertising boycott related to extremist content on YouTube will cost Alphabet $750 million, an analyst predicted Monday -- and another, Pivotal Analyst Brian Wieser, just doesn't think Google is working quickly enough to solve the problem.





The Drum (3/28)

As early as 2009, the media mogul openly dismissed his online rival’s perceived attempt to value content quantitatively rather than qualitatively. This disdain quickly turned into a decision to remove articles from its quality papers such as The Times and The Sunday Times from appearing in Google’s listings, a move that was later reversed as the pay versus free content debate hit crisis point.



CSO Online (3/28)

These scams are abundant in a lot of different ways, though they typically target Windows users, either through unsolicited calls or pop-up messages on sites of dubious quality, because of the sheer number of Windows users. They try to get you to let them connect to your computer via a reverse screen share using one of the many free sites that provide person-to-person screen sharing and control.

MarTech Today (3/27)

Adaptive marketing is essential for success in today’s digital world. In the Engagement Economy, where everyone and everything are more connected than ever before, it shouldn’t be who your customers are that determines the messages they receive, it should be what they do.

VentureBeat (3/27)

In order to effectively communicate with machines, we have been forced to learn their language — hence the explosion of software engineers, IT professionals, data analysts, and most recently, data scientists. But imagine a new world where a human language interface could be the way we interact with every dataset and enterprise application on a daily basis.

eWeek (3/27)

IBM acquired security vendor Trusteer back in September 2013 and has been steadily helping to develop the company's security capabilities ever since. Turner explained that Trusteer had previously been using an approach that included a level of manual analysis by the Trusteer security research team, analyzing suspicious URLs for phishing attacks."




The Drum (3/27)

The prediction is based on Snapchat's hold on the youth market, with the data showing that 51% of Snapchat's video users are aged under 24, compared to Facebook’s figure of 23% and YouTube’s which sits at 17%.”



The Drum (3/27)

With 60% of consumers looking at online reviews at least weekly, a recent survey by Podium suggests that 93% say online reviews do impact their purchasing decisions. The report suggests that customers do trust and engage with online reviews regularly and these reviews remain very influential when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

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