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March 29, 2017

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CIO (3/28)

China is pouring more money into chasing its semiconductor ambitions. The state-backed Tsinghua Unigroup, which has been building up the country’s chip-industry infrastructure, received a 150 billion yuan (US$22 billion) in financing on Tuesday.


VentureBeat (3/28)

There isn’t always a direct business reasonan for an open source project , but that’s OK — it probably doesn’t hurt if Google technologies gain adoption outside Google’s doors, and seeing who works on the open source projects could help Google find the brightest talent to go after, too.

Bloomberg (3/28)

Toshiba’s $5.4 billion purchase of Westinghouse in 2006 may have seemed promising at the time. In 2005, the U.S. government gave nuclear developers a package of tax credits, loan guarantees and cost-overrun backstops.

Bloomberg (3/28)

“Tencent’s purchase vaults the company to the position of Tesla’s fifth-largest shareholder just as Musk prepares to start production of his mass-market Model 3 later this year, and as Tesla scouts for additional 'gigafactories' that would further boost battery production.

Adweek (3/28)

In January, Facebook started testing the feature in Ireland and now it is adding the feature to its flagship app, which stores the photos and videos for 24 hours before disappearing. According to a Facebook rep, advertising will not initially be shown within Facebook Stories.

Computerworld (3/27)

“Three people from Illinois last week sued Microsoft, claiming that the free Windows 10 upgrade they had installed on their PCs caused 'data loss and damage to their computers.' Lawyers for the trio asked a Chicago federal court Thursday to grant the case class-action status, which would allow other Americans to join the litigation.





VentureBeat (3/28)

Artificial intelligence has made great progress in helping computers recognize images in photos and recommending products online that you’re more likely to buy. But the technology still faces many challenges, especially when it comes to computers remembering things like humans do.



Bloomberg (3/28)

Until recently, startups could count on generous private funding, with the associated generous implied valuations, and avoid the perceived hassle of being accountable to public investors. If a company had both exit options on the table -- an IPO or an outright sale -- the sale option looked attractive.

Marketing Land (3/28)

Social media marketing has been around for a while, and it’s become a proven tool for increasing traffic and generating new leads. These seven tools can increase revenue and enhance your social media efforts — like SEO and management tools.

Network World (3/28)

On Tuesday, Gartner analyst Werner Goertz called Samsung's refurbishing idea 'disastrous,' since air travel restrictions on carrying Note7s onboard still apply. 'Why subject the already tarnished Samsung brand with more exposure to Note7?' he asked.

VentureBeat (3/28)

Fortune 500 brand marketers, digital advertisers, and analytics firms of all sizes analyze social media and public feeds for better opportunities to influence consumers. Early research shows that personality targeting garners up to 63 percent more clicks on Facebook ad campaigns.

CIO (3/28)

“'Though IoT devices and wearables don’t necessarily create new security vulnerabilities, they reintroduce a lot of old ones,' says Steve Manzuik, director of security research for Duo Security, a cloud-based trusted access provider. Such devices are 'like the wild West of easy hacking targets that many experienced with mainstream computing back in the 90s,' he says."




The Drum (3/28)

The study polled over 300 directors, vice presidents, C-level marketing executives, as well as hiring managers. Focusing on the issues and trends that are important to the careers of those in the marketing departments, the report concludes that hiring numbers are at times inconsistent across marketing functions as is the supply of available talent.

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