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May 15, 2017

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VentureBeat (5/15)

For the uninitiated, Google AdSense enables online publishers to serve advertisements alongside their content, ads that are targeted to suit the specific theme and audience of any given website. Through the AdSense platform, publishers can customize where ads appear and even block ones that aren’t suitable.

Bloomberg (5/14)

Silk Ventures joins a bevy of Chinese funds seeking stakes in Western startups. In February 2016 Cocoon Networks Ventures launched a 500 million pound ($720 million) venture fund targeted at U.K. startups in fields from hardware to biotechnology.

CIO (5/14)

The storage technology company acquired SanDisk last year and has been rumored to be a bidder for a stake in the Toshiba memory business, which has reportedly attracted a large number of other bidders including Apple and Foxconn Technology.


Bloomberg (5/14)

The arrangement with Lyft suggests Alphabet is unlikely to rekindle its relationship with Uber. Alphabet’s venture capital arm counts Uber as its largest investment, but tensions rose after Alphabet showed interest in developing a competing ride-hailing service.

Computerworld (5/12)

The tools, which security researchers suspect came from the NSA, include an exploit codenamed EternalBlue that makes hijacking older Windows systems easy. It specifically targets the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol in Windows, which is used for file-sharing purposes.






The network groups, whose channels include TBS, FX and MTV, said in March that they were forming a consortium called OpenAP to help standardize data-driven audience buying on TV, allowing marketers to more easily buy their inventory in a way that better resembles the way they purchase digital ads.

The Drum (5//15)

Microsoft has labelled a continuing wave of global cyber-attack, the largest in history, as a ‘wake-up call’ to governments after hackers operating ‘ransomware software successfully seized control of at least 200,000 computers running an outdated version of the Windows operating system.

Digiday (5/15)

Sources said this change is most likely to benefit small websites reliant on user-generated content that are at risk of being blacklisted due to their rogue, extremist posts. For larger, quality pubs, this is less of an issue. An anonymous publisher said the adjustment could help blogging platforms and contributor networks.

VentureBeat (5/13)

A core theme to emerge from Build 2017 was Microsoft’s tacit acknowledgement that it needs to embrace competing platforms if it’s to thrive as a software and services company. A number of announcements were also made relating to Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-enabled digital assistant.





eMarketer (5/15)

Uncertainty is the theme that Martha Mathers, marketing practice leader at consulting firm CEB, said she sees most from her clients as she works with them to define their digital transformation efforts. 'Digital presents so much choice, so much opportunity and such a different way of working that it creates tremendous uncertainty.'



Adweek (5/12)

Gen Y and Gen Z share some of the same brand expectations, with digital experiences important to both. But Gen Zers are more likely to drop brands for slow responsiveness in online customer-service chats. They’re also less likely to prefer speaking with customer service reps over the phone and more likely to use digital-wallet and device-specific mobile payment options.

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