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May 17, 2017

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MediaPost (5/16)

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)'s Tech Lab has officially released the Dynamic Content Ad Standard in a bid to 'increase the fluidity of ad formats and in general allow for more of a content-driven model where an ad simply becomes a rendering of several pieces of content.'”


Bloomberg (5/16)

China’s two largest corporations have gained more than 35 percent this year to become the best performers among the world’s 10 most valuable technology companies. Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., both of which report quarterly earnings this week, have outpaced the S&P 500 as well as industry stalwarts Facebook Inc. and Inc.

Computerworld (5/16)

The service, Google Cloud IoT Core, is designed to help enterprises, including utilities and transportation agencies, securely connect globally distributed devices to the Google Cloud Platform. There, the data can be centrally managed and integrated with Google's data analytics services, said Indranil Chakraborty, cloud product manager at Google.


VentureBeat (5/16)

When the deal closes, Yahoo will shed most of what we think of as Yahoo and dump it in the lap of Verizon, where it will be crazy-glued to AOL and live on under the new brand name Oath. Yahoo will mainly hold the company’s 15 percent stock ownership of Alibaba but will otherwise live on as an empty corporate shell.

VentureBeat (5/16)

The fine is modest for a company of Facebook’s size. But France’s Commission Nationale de l’informatique, or CNIL, noted that France is just one of several European states that have been probing the impact of those changes. Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain also have ongoing investigations at various stages.





CIO (5/17)

When every company is becoming a technology company, management is populating the product development organization with software engineers, or they are asking IT to deliver revenue generating products for the first time. Either way, the lines between IT and product are beginning to blur.

The Drum (5/16)

Business to business (B2B) marketing may want to be like business to consumer (B2C) marketing, but the cold hard reality is that its highly complex engagement with its customers may not allow such a transformation. Yet B2B marketers like Robin Matlock, chief marketing officer, VMware are trying to transform B2B marketing by focusing on customer engagement, rather than pipeline.



Network World (5/16)

There are some fresh public cloud offerings on the horizon for SAP database customers, thanks to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Both companies have announced new infrastructure services for the HANA database software aimed at giving customers tons of memory for workloads that need it.

MediaPost (5/16)

The cause of this weekend’s cyber attack is still under investigation, but researchers have already begun to examine email as a possible culprit. Email-based phishing attacks have become a favorite of cybercriminals, and phishing is now the primary entry method for hackers accessing organizations, according to a recent Symantec security report





The Drum (5/16)

The Demand Gen study revealed that most B2B marketers realize shortfalls in their current ability to measure and analyze performance and impact, with 40% agreeing it needs improvement, 36% offering an average score and 9% saying it is poor or inadequate.



The Drum (5/16)

“Although it is generally believed that buyers that are also businesses don’t want personalized content, B2B brands have seen the highest CTO rate (19.3%) this past quarter. The report found that using personalized, relevant subject lines and marketing the right products, projects and services to the right customers remains key.

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