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May 18, 2017

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CIO (5/18)

'Today's decision sends a clear signal to companies that they must comply with all aspects of EU merger rules, including the obligation to provide correct information,' said European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager.

MediaPost (5/17)

'Automation is affecting every industry in dramatic ways. In digital advertising, what we’ve called ‘programmatic’ has progressed rapidly, but has given rise to new challenges, including transparency, brand safety, and fraud — and it hasn’t always created efficiency and value as intended,' Dennis Buchheim, senior vice president, data and ad effectivenes.


Time (5/17)

While the developer-centric event has historically focused on Google products like Android and Chrome, this year's announcements revolved mainly around the search giant's advancements in artificial intelligence, or AI. That's been a common theme among Silicon Valley's top companies lately, setting up AI as the next big tech battleground.

VentureBeat (5/17)

George Kurtz, CrowdStrike’s cofounder and CEO, told Fortune that he’s pushing a 'cloud-first' model for security, meaning that customers subscribe to install lightweight software agents on computers that gather intelligence on inbound attacks, and then CrowdStrike bakes protections into its product based on its learnings.





Bloomberg (5/18)

At its monthly meeting, the FCC will vote to accept a proposal by Chairman Ajit Pai entitled 'Restoring Internet Freedom.' It’s the first step in the commission’s rule making process — the document Pai is presenting is called a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, or NPRM.



Bloomberg (5/17)

China is shifting away from a reliance on debt-fueled smokestack industries toward services and consumption. Policy-makers have vowed to prioritize creating jobs, as employment and income growth sustain that transition and help a growing middle class pursue pricier products..”

Network World (5/17)

Where conventional computers deal in ones and zeros (bits) the processors in quantum computers use qubits, which can simultaneously hold the values one and zero. This — to grossly oversimplify — allows a quantum computer with a 5-qubit processor to perform a calculation for 32 different input values at the same time.”

Digiday (5/17)

Local news was a part of the Facebook Journalism Project to strengthen Facebook’s relationship with news organizations. The initiative was launched in January, at a time when the platform faced criticism for allowing false news reports to get exposure in its News Feed.

CIO (5/17)

Companies cultivating digital strategies are struggling to facilitate transformations because most CIOs are simply not equipped to be digital leaders. While enterprise CIOs can create functional technology systems, many lack the visionary skills required to be a change agent in the digital age.”





Adweek (5/17)

“According to the survey, internet users don’t care if content is sponsored—all they care about the quality and usefulness of the content. They want content that helps them make informed decisions, which is precisely why they search for product information, and follow influencers.



MediaPost (5/17)

Although subscription numbers and open rates are increasing, the average click-to-open (CTO) rate has substantially declined over the past two years, according to Yes Lifecycle Marketing. The average CTO rate has decreased 13% year-over-year and 22% over the past two years, meaning that marketers are failing to engage with subscribers after initial sign-ups and opens.

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