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May 5, 2017

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MediaPost (5/4)

With identity resolution a challenge in unifying marketing strategies across screens and devices, the new consortium will offer members access to an 'identity framework built from pairing an encrypted version of an omnichannel, people-based identifier to a common, open cookie that resides on a shared, open domain,' according to Cadogan.

Fortune (5/4)

Warren Buffett said he has sold about one-third of Berkshire Hathaway's big stake in IBM, CNBC reported on Thursday, reducing a bet by the famed investor that surprised many and which so far has yet to prove successful.

MediaPost (5/4)

Unveiled on Thursday, Snapchat Ad Manager should make it easier for brands to buy ads on the self-described 'camera company.' With Ad Manager, Snap partners can choose from all of its existing formats, and then target their ads to specific demographics."

Computerworld (5/3)

Trendforce is predicting that three iPhones will be released this year. Two iPhones -- a  5.8-inch iPhone with an AMOLED display and a 5.5-inch model with an LCD screen -- will have 3GB of memory. A 4.7-inch model with an LCD screen will have 2GB of DRAM, the company predicted.





CIO (5/5)

Good vendors are transparent with their products. They’re also focused on hiring more security staff, and paying them well, instead of recruiting more marketers. The best ones will also be happy to train customers to run their products.

Digiday (5/5)

Vice said that 275 minutes of ads are in view for every 1,000 impressions they are served. Prior to its redesign, Vice said that figure was 10
1 minutes for every 1,000 impressions, slightly below what Moat says is the industry standard of 128 minutes in the last quarter of 2016.



Marketing Land (5/4)

In an environment where marketing budgets are increasing and the pressure for CMOs to measurably drive marketing performance is becoming more imperative, it is more important than ever for marketers to prioritize time spent and value when executing content marketing campaigns. 

Marketing Land (5/4)

As we continue to become a mobile-first world, the importance of companies getting their digital experience right with their key stakeholders becomes increasingly important. Unfortunately, while many senior marketers understand the need to have a mobile experience, many are still getting it wrong.

Bloomberg (5/4)

The iPhone-maker has $148 billion of its record $257 billion cash pile invested in corporate debt alone, according to a company filing from Wednesday. That’s enough to buy all the assets in the world’s largest fixed-income mutual fund, the Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund.”

CIO (5/4)

From the recent Adobe digital marketing conference, here are 10 examples of brands (and in one case, an Australian entrepreneur) that are killing it with their content marketing and/or customer experiences.




IDC (5/4)

IDC's outlook is that detachables will continue to far outpace convertibles in shipments, but the market pendulum seems to be swinging back in favor of convertibles if ever so slightly. Still, the detachable market has proven it will move with major product launches and Microsoft and Apple have yet to launch their 2017 salvos.



eMarketer (5/4)

The UK’s already lower-than-average digital display ad viewability rate sank further in the first quarter, and mobile advertising is partly to blame, according to ad measurement firm Meetrics.

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