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May 8, 2017

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CNBC (5/8)

The two companies also reached an agreement in which Comcast and Charter will only work together to approach any of the major wireless companies about MVNO (mobile virtual network operators) deals. They agreed that neither company will enter into any material transaction independently without consent from the other pending a year notice.


Bloomberg (5/8)

The venture arm -- which kept a very low profile when it was part of EMC -- is coming out of 'stealth,' including disclosing portfolio companies as part of a new push to highlight young businesses. The company is spending about $100 million annually on the funding of startups.”

MediaPost (5/7)

Warren Buffett and Berkshire’s Vice Chairman Charlie Munger agreed they avoided tech stocks in the past because the investment company had no advantages in the space, while others did. Both believe in avoiding areas where others can do better.

Recode (5/7)

In the final days of a blistering campaign, Macron found himself on the defensive against the elusive, conspiring forces of 'fake news.' Now, as he prepares to oversee France, Macron must decide whether to follow through with his promise to crack down on the practice.”

MediaPost (5/4)

Tax prep giant H&R Block has consolidated its media assignment with Publicis Media agencies. The firm is shifting its estimated $80 million broadcast media planning and buying assignment from  Omnicom’s OMD to Publicis Media’s Mediavest | Spark, effective immediately.





Adweek (5/8)

Eighty percent of the challenge in leveraging data is getting all the right data in one place and in the right format. Invariably, this is the step that has very little to do with math, but often requires people and departments to do something they have never done before—share data with each other.

Forbes (5/7)

What are the key trends impacting marketers? As the first CMO in the company’s history, Diana O’Brien has first-hand experience of how disruption is not only impacting the role of the CMO, but the role of marketing within this professional services firm.

VentureBeat (5/6)

With streaming the new mandate for all content, VR will have to account for the Internet speeds of everyday consumers and find novel ways to deal with a telecom industry that is growing at its own pace. Here are five issues that must be figured out before VR can take off.”

Network World (5/5)

Later this month, the FCC is planning to hold a vote at its May 18 meeting that would begin consideration of an order reclassifying broadband service under communications law such that the commission would significantly limit its authority to police ISPs.

Digiday (5/5)

During the European brand summit, we held working group meetings and town halls to discuss the greatest challenges facing these brands: agencies, platform relationships and internal organization. These meetings were held under the Chatham House Rule — on the record, without attribution of names or companies.





MediaPost (5/5)

BEC phishing attempts can be incredibly detrimental to affected organizations, leading to losses in data, money, and brand loyalty. Fraudulent wire transfers resulting from successful phishing attempted have grown 2,370% over the past two years, according to the FBI.

CIO (5/5)

According to a new study from professional service automation company Kimble Applications, which focused on professionals that track billable hours, the majority underreport the number of hours they work. This has broad implications for professions like IT consultants and contract software engineers, as well as attorneys and accountants.”

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