June 5, 2017

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Apple and Amazon Reportedly to Join Foxconn’s Bid for Toshiba’s Semiconductor Chip Unit
VentureBeat (6/5)
Foxconn is not seen as a frontrunner in the sale of the unit, which Toshiba has valued at at least $18 billion, due to its deep ties with China. The Japanese government has said it will block any deal that would risk the transfer of key chip technology out of the country.

Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey is Developing Border Surveillance Technology
TechCrunch (6/5)
The New York Times reports that his newest business venture uses lidar technology – commonly used in self-driving cars – for surveillance on country borders or high-level sites such as military bases. The report added that the technology could be used to detect threats such as drones, but ignore more common objects such as birds or other wildlife.

Google's New Focus On Ad Blocking Should Diversify Revenue Gains
MediaPost (6/2)
An Ad Experience Report for best practices, which Google published along with the tools, should assist publishers to understand how the Better Ads Standards apply to their own Web sites. The report highlights 'annoying ad experiences' in screenshots and videos that Google identified to make it easy to find and fix the issues.

Dentsu Aegis Network Launches B2B Agency Gyro
AdNews Australia
The agency specialises in B2B marketing, integrating creative, media, data, channel marketing, sales and technology solutions for B2B marketers. The agency, which was acquired by DAN in July, also runs evens in partnership with LinkedIn.

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Tech Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends
Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Profs
Content Marketing Institute’s latest research shows technology marketers are more committed this year to increasing their content marketing efforts. However, only 24% of tech marketers say they are extremely or very successful with their overall approach to content marketing. So what specifically about their content marketing approach isn't working?

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Industry Perspectives
How Bayer Cut Its Video Ad Rates 70 Percent By Bringing Its DMP In-House
Digiday (6/5)
Bayer has seen a 9 percent increase in viewability across desktop display and video ads. Rates for its viewable CPMs have declined by 42 percent for desktop display ads and 70 percent for desktop video ads Bayer also increased its engagement rate, which it measures using a proprietary formula that factors in click-through rates and attribution, by 56 percent..”

An IBM Breakthrough Ensures Silicon Will Keep Shrinking
Wired (6/5)
Today, an IBM-led group of researchers have detailed a breakthrough transistor design, one that will enable processors to continue their Moore’s Law march toward smaller, more affordable iterations. They achieved it not with carbon nanotubes or some other theoretical solution, but with an inventive new process that should scale up to the demands of mass manufacturing within several years.

Despite Our Gadget Obsession, It’s Software – Not Hardware – That Will Lead the Next Tech Revolution
VentureBeat (6/4)
Voice-powered smart assistants are in right now, with Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Facebook’s M competing for share. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s the hardware that’s revolutionary – the real star is the massive computing and processing power that these companies have harnessed to drive these assistants behind the scenes.
WWDC 2017: Here's Everything Apple Is Expected to Announce
Macworld (6/2)
“Even though WWDC is typically a software show, rumor has it that Apple will also unveil new hardware in the form of new MacBooks, a new iPad Pro, plus the highly-anticipated Siri Speaker.

Long Game: Optimizing Yield Is a Two-Year Commitment
AdExchanger (6/2)
Publishers should fight the impulse to employ clumsy, short-term tactics like the ones below that destroy the user experience and damage long-term trust. Focus on a two-year revenue strategy at a minimum – even if it means giving up a quarterly spike.

Research Insights
UK Internet Users Choose Devices Based on Activity
eMarketer (6/5)
Users were less reliant on tablets for online activities. The exception was accessing property sites or apps, with 67% of time spent on that activity facilitated by tablets. Some activities have clearly become multidevice experiences. While 32% of time spent consuming entertainment digitally was on tablets, 39% happened via smartphones and 29% occurred by way of PCs – a fairly even mix.”

Top Storage Skills to Boost Your Salary
Network World (6/2)
The tech career hub and job-search site Dice released its annual guide to U.S. tech salaries, which finds that overall average pay in the industry fell slightly last year to $92,081, down from $93,328 in 2015. On the raise front, 61% of tech pros received a salary increase from a year ago, and 9% reported a decrease.

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