May 23, 2017

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Apple and Nokia End Legal Spat by Signing Multi-Year Patent Agreement
VentureBeat (5/23)
“'This is a meaningful agreement between Nokia and Apple,' said Nokia’s chief legal officer, Maria Varsellona, in a statement. 'It moves our relationship with Apple from being adversaries in court to business partners working for the benefit of our customers.'

Havas Promises Clients Programmatic Transparency with New Offering
The Drum (5/23)
This innovative, platform gives brands full visibility on costs, investments, outcomes and ROI, across trading desks, DSPs, inventory, providers, marketplaces. Any advertiser using it can see exactly what’s behind all programmatic solutions, with complete transparency allowing us to work hand-in-hand with our clients to build the best strategies for their business.

Marketing Cloud Growth Bolsters Salesforce Revenue
MediaPost (5/22)
Revenue for the first quarter of 2017 increased 25% to $2.4 billion, while deferred revenue has grown 26% year-over-year to $5 billion, according to the company’s financial report. The Sales Cloud is the largest among Salesforce’s cloud-based software services, yet revenue from the Salesforce Sales Cloud still grew by 14.5% to $829.6 million.

Apple, Visa Face Patent Infringement Lawsuit Over Apple Pay
Bloomberg (5/22)
In a federal lawsuit filed in Wilmington, Delaware, USR said it sent Apple a series of letters in 2010 describing its patented technology and seeking a partnership long before Apple Pay’s debut. One letter detailed USR’s patent for using biometrics to authenticate identity on a smartphone, according to the complaint filed May 21.

Wall Street Betting On Broadcast, Digital Upfronts: Cable Will Be More Of A Bear
MediaPost (5/22)
The 2017-18 upfront advertising marketplace will once again defy gravity, proving that what goes down also goes up. That's the conclusion of an equities report issued by the research team at securities firm BMO Capital Markets Friday after its researchers discussed various upfront supply-and-demand scenarios with buyers and sellers attending upfront presentations.

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Tech Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends
Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Profs
Content Marketing Institute’s latest research shows technology marketers are more committed this year to increasing their content marketing efforts. However, only 24% of tech marketers say they are extremely or very successful with their overall approach to content marketing. So what specifically about their content marketing approach isn't working?

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Industry Perspectives

‘It’s Not a Sustainable Market’: Header Bidding Puts a Strain on DSPs
Digiday (5/22)
Sources said there’s no evidence that DSPs are passing on the added costs to media buyers, but that the DSPs profit margins are getting squeezed, which could cause some to eventually go out of business. 'We will see a significant pivot in DSPs’ business model, and some DSPs already started bypassing SSPs to get the inventory directly.'

How Google’s Cloud is Ushering In a New Era of SQL Databases
Network World (5/22)
This week Google has made the database it built to handle AdWords available to the general public as a product named Spanner. It comes during the nascent stages of a wave of new databases hitting the market that are similar to traditional, relational SQL databases, but they’re much better at scaling to massive sizes.

WWDC 2017: 10+ Predictions for Enterprise IT
Computerworld (5/22)
There is little argument that Apple’s solutions have entered the cutting edge of enterprise IT, empowering digital transformation across some of the world’s biggest companies. Here are a few details concerning Apple’s enterprise-focused improvements you can expect to see revealed at the company’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference next month.

Rubicon Project CEO: ‘Open Source Will Be the Gold Standard’
Adweek (5/22)
People want choice, but I don’t think they [publishers] want 400 players in the market any more, but certainly we know that publishers can be very facile with their use of vendors, but having a globally scaled, independent choice out there is what’s desired.

Resesarch Insights
Global Smartphones Sales Up 9% in Q1 But Apple and Samsung Losing Ground to Chinese Brands
VentureBeat (5/23)
While these numbers highlight the global challenges the two market leaders face, it also means their problems in China, a once-promising market, are likely growing more acute. The next three biggest brands are Chinese names that get their sales primarily from their home market.

89% of CIOs Are Investing More Heavily in Innovation Due to Uncertainty
VentureBeat (5/22)
'From an organizational and cultural perspective, the CIO is now faced with a full transformation to digital, enterprise-wide,' said Harvey Nash president and CEO Bob Miano in a statement. 'Digital is without question the CIO’s priority, but especially for legacy organizations, leading this change to a complete, unified digital strategy is top of mind.'

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